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Directions: Mix 4oz of dried food into a microwave safe bowl with 2 oz of water.  Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds.  Stir gently together and let cool prior to serving.  Remove any unused food 2 hours after serving.  


Uccello’s Heat and Serve meals are designed with two things in mind, your birds nutritional requirements and enrichment through food!


Our Split Pea receipt is filled with key natural spices to attract you bird to the meal and keep it coming for more.


All our meals have been specially formulated by our team of breeders and Certified Avian Specialists. These meals are the secret receipt of some long time breeders. Now available for your bird to enjoy! Our team knows the importance of enrichment in food for pet birds and our Heat and Serve meals will surly perk up your birds senses!


Our customers have come to know our brand as a great source for quality food where freshness is always a consideration.  The Uccello treat line carries forward our tradition of enriching food for pet birds and does not disappoint.  Our Uccello Products come in resealable bags to maintain the freshness we deliver to you.   We have unique flavors, blends and even a great heat and serve option. Our food line is approved by our board of Certified Avian Specialists and breeders. Together we have created some amazing options for your pet bird and even shared with you some exclusive private recipes!

Green Split Pea - Treats (Heat and Serve)

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